Pattern Review: Simplicity 2176 (The Scribble Dress)

In regards to this hot weather, I figure if you can't lick 'em, you'd better join 'em - or in my case, keep the summer dresses rolling!

Scribble Dress #1

Scribble Dress #2

Project Details
Pattern: Simplicity 2176 (Project Runway)
Fabric: 1.5m cotton from GJ's Discount Fabrics
Notions: Fusible interfacing, 35cm invisible zipper

Ach, you know me - can't go past the classic pink'n'red combination! It reminds me of my uni days as a science student. I know to the casual observer that there doesn't seem to be an immediate similarity, but bear with me! We used to wear lab coats for half our classes, and when bored would resort to scribbling on them. Sort of like tatts for lab coats. This dress, in a roundabout way, feels like a grown-up version - and is far more flattering to the figure than a lab coat that stinks of horse blood agar! Ah, those were the days - might explain why I now run a website focusing on sustainable fashion, rather than spend all day at a lab bench, hee hee!

Ok, enough reminiscing about the past - let's get to the sewing! This was a pretty easy pattern to make up, with no major adjustments required. The one big quibble I have is that the pattern instructions call for you to press the front bodice seam (the one right over the bust point) towards the centre, rather than clipping the curves and pressing the seam flat open. I did this against my better judgement, and now regret it, as the seam doesn't sit as flat as it should. Darn it! Won't fall for that one again!

Also, I really should have added some pockets to the skirt. The pattern doesn't provide any, but I feel this is a definite contender for pockets. I keep flopping my hands about the skirt, hoping against hope that some pockets have miraculously appeared, but nooooooooo! If I ever make it again, some quickly self-drafted pockets will be a must!

Apart from that, it's a cute easy dress. I quite like the pleats, and can picture a red one in the future with some cute patterned grosgrain trim. Not that I'm planning on any more summer dresses...ahem!

Bec Stitches  – (11:24 am)  

Love the material, would look cute with pockets :)
Also nice shoes!!

Virginie  – (11:51 am)  

Love! Suits you very well!

BusyLizzie  – (12:09 pm)  

It's not too late to add some patch pockets is it?? It looks great though regardless :)

thewallinna  – (1:26 pm)  

You look so radiant! Thumbs up to the dress :)

SEWN  – (2:12 pm)  

Beautiful dress! Love the print.

Erin i-heart-fabric  – (7:12 pm)  

Such a pretty version I love the matching shoes! Good idea about pockets I reckon all dresses need pockets if they fit. Love the fabric the close up of it looks amazing.

Gail  – (8:26 pm)  

Great look and perfect for the scorching weather you've been having in Melbourne.

Stitched Together  – (8:35 pm)  

Really pretty dress. The fabric you chose is so cute.

Amanda  – (8:57 pm)  

This is absolutely fab! I really love the bright and summery feel of the fabric and a sundress with pockets = win!

Suzanne  – (10:53 pm)  

Do you have any fabric left? You could easily add pockets at the side seam. Just draft a pocket bag, split the seam open and sew it in. (THen you won't have to worry about flopping your hands about;)

lisa g.  – (11:39 pm)  

i would defnitely rip open the side seam and add a pocket! cute dress, love the fabric. i'm also a red/pink combo fan!

Loca4crafts  – (2:36 pm)  

Your scribble dress is beautiful. I love the fabric you used. I must learn how to sew better :)

~ Kim ~  – (5:00 pm)  

You look fantastic in the dress. Love it. (p.s is there something on your forearm?)

Angela  – (2:55 am)  

So cute! I love the print!

Hootnz  – (7:57 am)  

I love this.....its a gorgeous style and very flattering :)

crystalpleats  – (4:33 pm)  

It looks great. I love your pink and red combos.

sallie oleta barbee  – (11:10 pm)  

This is gorgeous! A great hot weather dress!

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