2013 Knitting Project #2: Isabel Cable and Little Branch Dress

Rowan yarn and dress

I know, I know - it's a wee bit early to start the winter knitting, but I have so many things I want to knit this year that I decided that I really better get a crack on if I have a hope in hell of finishing them. So for starters I have begun on a dress for Tyger, the Isabel Cable and Little Branch Dress from Labour of Love by Vibe Ulrik Sondergaard.

How flipping darn cute is this dress? I LOVE IT SO MUCH THAT I NEED TO TYPE IN CAPITALS (don't let anybody fool ya - it's not the chocolates or romantic getaways that show love - it's the capital letters typing. You heard it here first!) If I didn't have a knitting list as long as my arm, I would seriously consider grading it up to my size. Cables! Branches! Bobble-ey bits! It's pretty rad.

And the yarn - mmmmm! I'm quite liking the Amy Butler Belle Organic DK. I was a bit worried that it would make my wrists sore, being a mix of cotton and wool, but so far it's been divine to work with, and has superb stitch definition. And it's organic! Niiiiiiiiice.

Evening knitting. Supercute pattern. A gorgeous girl to clad in my stitches of love. I'm one happy and very blessed lady.

Bri  – (12:50 pm)  

THAT IS SO DARN CUTE! I agreed with you so much so I typed in capitals too!

Meanwhile I'm still trying to remember to finish my scarf because do I ever have a list of projects I would like to attempt this year and thankfully I work with some very lovely ladies who have said they will help me!

Bri  – (12:51 pm)  

I forgot to mention that I will take that in my size please. PLEASE!!!!!!

Ha ha what a lucky kid!

Hootnz  – (1:20 pm)  

That is a adorable pattern! I would love to knit that :) And I knit a hat in that wool (same colour) a few months ago - it is divine!

Fer  – (2:20 pm)  

Oh your girl will look absolutely stunning in this!!

Tanya  – (3:57 pm)  

adorb pattern. I don't have any kidlets, but would quite klike this for myself!! Gorg colour too.

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