Pattern Review: Simplicity 1803 (a.k.a The Cabbage Dress!)

I know the year is still in its infancy, but I think we might already have a contender for the dress of 2013!

It has all the hallmarks of a classic Jorth favourite: pockets, interesting neckline, full gathered skirt which makes riding a bike a cinch, and most importantly of all, an amazing print. I mean, c'mon - who wouldn't love a dress decorated with CABBAGES, I ask ye?




When I pounced upon this fabric in the shop (and believe me when I say pounce - it was, quite literally, an actual pounce, accompanied by a delighted squeal), and then showed it to Galumph, he did something that only the bravest of husbands would ever do in a fabric store: he questioned my fabric choice. I believe his actual words were "Do you really want to walk around with cabbages on you?"

"You bet your bottom dollar, honey!" I replied. And I'm so glad I didn't let his concern cloud my fabric purchasing decision, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this dress has turned out! Don't tell anybody, but so does he now that it's made up. Besides, if Stella McCartney can make clothes with citrus fruit on it, then I figure I can go nuts (ahem) with the cabbages. And don't tell Stella, but I kinda prefer what I made, hee hee!

The fabric is a Kaffe Fassett fabric for Rowan called Cabbage and Rose, in the fuchsia colourway. It's lighter than a regular quilting fabric, and I have a feeling that the cotton may have been mercerized, as it's super soft with a slight sheen. It was simply lovely to work with.

As for the pattern, it is a beauty. My only quibble is with the amount of ease provided. I'd heard before that the Project Runway patterns had a lot of ease, and it appears to be true in this case. I made the dress up in the 8, my usual size, but it is slightly gappy around the bust. I definitely could have gone down a size. Next time I might make up a bodice muslin if I use one of the PR patterns again. But apart from that, the pattern was great. It has a bunch of different neckline options, plus two sleeve variations. I do like a pattern that can be used to make a whole variety of dresses, especially one as cute as this.

Project Details
Pattern: Simplicity 1803, view B
Fabric: 2m Kaffe Fassett for Rowan (Cabbage and Rose), purchased from GJ's Discount Fabrics
Notions: 40cm invisible zipper, bias binding

Neeno  – (12:56 pm)  

That's a beautiful dress, you look fantastic!

cherri  – (12:57 pm)  

You look so bright and fresh in this dress. I think it looks wonderful, I especially love the fullness of the skirt. Keep up the good work Jorth!!

SewJillian  – (2:11 pm)  

Looooooove this! Totally wanna wear cabbages - I've just finished a dress with apple/oranges fabric (about to blog) and already have lined up another with apples/mangoes/lemons. Totally did not mean to fruitify my wardrobe, but loving it! So cheerful :)

velosewer  – (2:24 pm)  

Now that I can't find the lobster print I saw in the UK, I want that cabbage print. It's gorgeous.
You look wonderful.

crystalpleats  – (3:42 pm)  

Yes, I love this dress, and I love that you used the skinny wrap-around ties - a great little detail. Makes me wish for summer around here.

Julia Bobbin  – (5:43 pm)  

Oh I love it! And you look gorgeous with your hair our too!

Fer  – (10:45 pm)  

As soon as I saw the fabric I thought it must've been a Kaffe Fassett! I love the way he puts vegies in his designs, and you're right, it's perfect for this dress!

Craft Sanctuary  – (12:34 am)  

I love this fabric, who cares if they're cabbages, it's so bright and cheery! I love the dress, too. I actually clicked on the link to the pattern thinking I should buy it, then realized it's sitting unopened in my stash. Oops! Thanks for the inspiration to get started on that!

oonaballoona  – (12:40 am)  

oooh what a wonderful dress!!

nic  – (4:47 am)  

classic and delightful and everything that's right in a dress.

and i am suddenly feeling all sorts of affection for cabbages. you pull the most unexpected tricks on me.


Balles Bazaar  – (7:47 am)  

Wauw, you look fabulous. Glad you didn't listen to your husbands advice. You simply look beautiful.

Funkbunny  – (3:31 pm)  

Love this dress! Great with the shoes too :)

Alex  – (1:54 pm)  

Just stunning - glad you remained steadfast in your fabric choice!

Dibs  – (10:15 am)  

Hi Jenn, you won the cordova jacket pattern on my blog, and I do not think I am still awaiting your address so I can post it to you.cheers, Dibs

Anonymous –   – (1:19 pm)  

Never listen to husbands, I have found through experience that they cannot translate fabric to clothing. Dress and you look beautiful! I have a craft book from Kaffe Fassett with a cabbage cusion on the front which is stunning. A work colleague said 'why put a cabbage on a cushion'? Thank goodness we are all different!!! Ingrid

Gail  – (7:08 pm)  

I can see why you might be more than ordinarily pleased with this dress. Great start to 2013!

Shelley Hesson  – (5:22 am)  

This is so sweet. I love the entire look. Great shoes. You look happy and radiant, and this dress is absolutely perfect.

Sew Hopeful  – (10:02 pm)  

I love this dress. The Fabric is so gorgeous. So glad I found your blog! So inspired by everything you do.

Ashley P  – (6:54 am)  

I love this dress!!! You have a great eye for fabrics and patterns!!! I'm seriously swooning over your dress:D

-Ash P

Erin i-heart-fabric  – (7:24 pm)  

This is so pretty so good you grabbed it and went with your fantastic fabric picking! The dress you made out of it really makes it amazing too. P.S you have some killer shoes to match these outfits lol!

Angela  – (2:30 pm)  

I am having issues with the pattern on this dress. Could you pretty please message me? I need help! Thanks. :-)

Jorth!  – (3:27 pm)  

I would Angela, but you have provided me with no contact details. If you have any questions, send them via an email (my address can be found on the contact page).


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