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I was a knitter on a mission. This cardigan had to be done by Saturday, and lookee here - it's only Thursday and it's finished. Hooray! Ironically, the weather for Saturday is looking awfully cool, so the chances are that Tyger probably won't even get to wear it to her godmother's wedding, but care I not. It's finished, and my poor old wrists don't have to wrestle with that bamboo yarn anymore!

I must say, the cardigan has turned out well. It's the perfect weight for summer, and I cannot resist admitting that I am a total sucker for a lovely sweet knit over a summer dress. Even though I didn't really like all the knitting and purling into the back of stitches that this pattern required, I would make it again, as it looks so.darn.cute! However, I would choose a different yarn - the bamboo made my wrists ache as much as cotton does, and was quite splitty to boot.

The Tyger, predicably, LOVES it. Now I come to think of it, the kid has had a pretty darn good run of home made goodies of late. I think it's time to  make something for me!

Project Details
Pattern - Sirdar pattern leaflet #1325
Yarn - 4 balls of Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK in shade 126
Size - 6-7 years
Needles - 3.25mm and 4mm

Ravelled here.

Tanya  – (11:46 am)  

this turned out stunningly! Does it come in big girl sizes? :D

cateoh  – (11:55 am)  

It looks beautiful, such a lovely sheen, rich colour and looks as though it drapes really nicely too. Pity about the weather, but she'll surely get a lot of wear from it anyway.

poppykettle  – (1:19 pm)  

As usually I'm gobsmacked at the good-looking qualities of your knitting output. Tyger is one LUCKY girl, it's gorgeous and even though I would never fit such a thing, I covet it.

janessewandtell  – (4:29 pm)  

Very cute. Goes well with the little dress

Tanya. I made a very similar cardigan from a Kim Hargreaves pattern, it was wool with long sleeves but it would be very easy to adapt. The pattern was called Skylark and it was in the book called Cherish. This is a link to my version on Ravelry

Sew Brunswick  – (6:04 pm)  

Beautiful! Pure & simple. Yes, this darn weather is putting a spanner in the works.

Sue  – (6:22 pm)  

It is gorgeous, and perfect in red. I thought it looked shiny and I have never knit with the bamboo yarn but it does knit up very nicely. Your daughter must be loving her wardrobe at the moment!

Anne-Marie  – (4:10 am)  

Toooo pretty to be true !!! Every time I see you knitting creations, I tell my self to start as well. Or, maybe looking at other's work is enough. Any how, lovely, lovely, lovely as the dress that is under. The sandals are also cracking cute.

Alex  – (7:17 am)  

Thats gorgeous! I`ve been reading your blog for a while and I have to say you do some really nice things.

Daniela  – (12:13 pm)  

I discovered your blog not long ago and I'm really enjoying reading it! Your creations are just beautiful and a big inspiration! Thanks for sharing...

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